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At Amarillo Court Reporting, our top-tier legal videographers excel in providing reliable, timely, and accurate legal videos. Our credentials include certification from the American Guild of Court Videographers, further augmented by our team of CLVS trained experts. This ensures we produce the highest quality video and audio content for our esteemed clients. We extend a comprehensive array of legal video services, encompassing:

  • Video Editing for trial or mediation
  • Video Synching, compatible with platforms like Sanction, Summation, Trial Director, Visionary, LiveNote, etc.
  • Site Inspections and “Day In The Life Of”
  • Elmo Depositions and Split Screen
  • State-of-the-art HD Equipment
  • Digital Video Encoding & Duplication
  • Archive Media
  • Utilize the latest video equipment and technology standards

Our adept video professionals employ cutting-edge equipment and technology to provide a comprehensive range of video services in the Amarillo area. We offer the latest camera and video technology including:

  • High quality digital cameras
  • Individual microphones
  • Professional backdrops
  • Litigation software

Video Depositions

Video depositions are a strategic legal tool in today’s technologically driven courtroom environment. Opting for a video deposition empowers you to:

  • Formulate a compelling case by deeply engaging the jury
  • Flexibly present testimonies
  • Bolster case credibility
  • Accelerate overall case resolution

Our talented video experts are extensively trained and equipped to produce high quality deposition videos. We collaborate directly with you to ensure all the necessary information is obtained to resolve your case in a timely manner.

Legal Video Depositions and Conferencing

Utilizing our advanced legal video streaming and interactive technology, you can securely watch and listen to depositions over the internet from any location worldwide. Approved participants can log in to a password-secured website and obtain entry to:

  • Legal video broadcasting
  • Voice and transcript text
  • Discreet chat systems

Through internet depositions and live video streaming, authorized parties can actively engage in litigation events from any corner of the world.

Video conferencing allows for swift and convenient interactions with colleagues, clients, and witnesses. Seamlessly conduct depositions from any geographical location and avoid the extra time and travel expenses associated with securing distant witnesses or expert testimonies.

At Amarillo Court Reporting, we offer professional video conference systems tailored to all legal video conferencing needs. Our sophisticated equipment and multimedia services facilitate cost-effective arbitrations, remote depositions, settlement conferences, and meetings.

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